UNSPSC Codes can be expanded as The United Nations Standard Products and Service Codes. These codes define the classification of products and services for use over the e-commerce platform and for various management activities.  The classification for UNSPSC codes deals in over 50000 products and covers all the spheres from the UNSPSC taxonomy system. The whole gamut of UNSPSC code system revolves around a centralized open global multi sector standard for the classification of the products and services. For complying with the requirements of rules and regulations of the e-commerce transactions, these UNSPSC codes have been developed accurately, provide for needed flexibility and are highly efficient. The composition for these codes is designed as an 8 digit number which has 4 levels of UNSPSC Code hierarchy with a scope for addition of two more digits in the form of an optional fifth level. The latest code was released in February 2014.

The UNSPSC Code Hierarchy follows the below given structural format.       

The benefits of using the UNSPC codes can be used in the following areas:

  • Wider Visibility for spend analysis and spend management system for an organization.
  • Effective product and service procurement with immense scope for customer acquisition.
  • Easy optimization of the cost efficient product and service procurement.
  • Excellent scope for exploring untapped horizons for exploitation of emerging e-commerce capabilities for enhanced profitability.

With the mark of an era wherein e-commerce has established a say in product and service market, our organization SoftNis has gained expertise in adapting to the change in tastes and preference of the customers keeping pace with the emerging trends in the market. We take a bow, for being an organization which has truly reflected the accuracy and flexibility offered by the UNSPSC coding system. To ensure that the individual customer needs are taken care of, we accept the challenges and risks associated exploiting the hierarchical taxonomy of the UNSPSC coding system. We provide for key benefits in the form of experienced team of professionals, in depth domain knowledge and a customer friendly approach to work.

Example 1: NORT 66.25294086.3 GW 7.0 7 X 1/2 X 1 1/4 St

Product Identification


Product Identification

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